Рассадопосадочная машина JAMAFA JAMAFA

рассадопосадочная машина JAMAFA JAMAFA
Фото: рассадопосадочная машина JAMAFA JAMAFA
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8 850 €
Цена без НДС
≈ 9 610 $
≈ 547 675 руб.
Тип рассадопосадочная машина
Место расположения Голландия Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Дата размещения более 1 месяца
Autoline ID DZ2391
Регистрационный номер 2720990504
Дополнительная информация: английский
Culture: Brussels sprouts
Jamafa 3-wheel self driven harvesting machine for Brussel sprouts
Harvesting machine with
volkswagon engine
A foot controlled arm with a stalkcutter attached
own Hydraulic system
extra high tipping
with Jamafa 4 knive picking head
(option)  We advice to replace and upgrade the machine with aTumoba picking head extra cost 1000
As the machine drive through the crop, stalks are cut and hand-fed into the stripping heaThe buttons and leaves are stripped from the stalk and separated, the leaves returning to the ground also The stripped  stalks are  returned to the ground.at the other side of the machine An elevator, conveys he Brussel sprouts into bulkhopper
When the bunker is full it can be tipped hydraulicly into a Bigboxes or transportwagon
Amount of working hours : 5400 hours
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